An Insight on Tenant Representation

Seeking professional advice from a commercial tenant representation broker on real estate matters outside of your expertise is essential for success. With exclusive tenant representation you steer clear of the risk and uncertainty of handling complicated commercial real estate transactions while saving time and money in the process. Unlike real estate brokers that represent landlords, Glickman Kovago and Company specializes in representing commercial real estate tenants. We are committed to you as your exclusive tenant representative to represent your best interests.


Glickman Kovago and Company works exclusively under written contract with our clients in every commercial real estate brokerage transaction. Our exclusive representation agreement defines the services we provide and our obligations to the client to ensure we achieve the most beneficial terms from any transaction. The listing agreement provides a non-negotiable fee to be paid on every commercial real estate transaction whether there is one or two real estate brokers involved, so there is no money to be saved by not hiring your own tenant representation broker. We achieve cost savings several times greater than the full listing fee and save you substantial time and money during and after the transaction.


The best time to start the real estate leasing or buying process is at least six months before your lease expiration for requirements under 10,000sf and up to twelve months or more for requirements over 10,000sf. A proactive approach is best as the real estate leasing or buying process typically takes longer than expected. The sooner you start the process and engage a tenant representation broker to manage the process for you, the more time and money you will save because you will have more time to make the right decisions and negotiate the maximum concessions from your real estate transaction.


With corporate real estate typically being a business’s largest expense, it is wise to closely monitor your operating expenses and to investigate the possibility of renegotiating your lease to eliminate charges and minimize overhead. Regardless of the remaining term of your lease, we can often find ways to lower your costs and will gladly undertake a complimentary lease audit to advise you on the options available to you for restructuring your lease.