Commercial Build-Out Project Delivery

Build_Out_Project_Delivery_1At Glickman Kovago & Jacobs Construction, we have years of experience in commercial construction and understand the many ways a building project can be delivered. Clients trust us to advise them on the best options available. Our commercial construction management services offer several approaches to build-out projects.


Combines design and build-out contract. In our years of commercial construction experience, we have developed close relationships with architects, engineers and subcontractors. We manage the entire process for you.

Construction Management

Generally used for larger-dollar volume construction projects, our construction manager provides preconstruction expertise, including cost estimating, value engineering, and scheduling. During the construction phase of the project, we coordinate all commercial construction activities. The construction manager works directly with each subcontractor and supplier to come up with value-engineering ideas that maximize cost savings to the owner. We issue individual contracts and purchase orders to all of the separate trades and suppliers, and then oversee their work throughout the course of construction.

General Contracting

Build_Out_Project_Delivery_3We work with clients who have already identified all architectural and engineering requirements, and submit a competitive bid to serve as a general contractor to execute the project, as well as coordinate and oversee all necessary subcontractors. We supply key field personnel, who are typically full-time tradespeople and crews to perform in-house work, supplemented with outside sub-contractors, suppliers, temp workers, and other independent contractors, often obtained through additional bidding processes.

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