Acquisition and Disposition Planning Services

Property management requires more than just maintenance. NAI Glickman Kovago & Jacobs can supply a management team with the strategic perspective that your assets demand, wherever they are located. Clients who access our acquisition and disposition planning services benefit from a broad array of options:

  • Space Planning and Design. When planning for a new space, clients face many challenges and seek many answers. There are practical issues such as spatial needs, proximity relations, IT infrastructure and furniture, and strategic issues such as occupancy costs, effectiveness of the working environment, and environmental impact. Our experienced staff and professional relationships with architects and space planners will help you define the most effective layouts for your business requirements.
  • Financial Analysis. Financial analysis, including lease analysis, cap rate fluctuations, projections and financing are all integral parts of the complex decision-making process in property management. We provide the analysis before acquisition to maximize your disposition gains. As we tell clients,“You make your money on real estate when you purchase, not when you sell.”
  • Reinvestment Strategies. Striking a proper balance is key to minimize vacancy risk and yet return an acceptable yield. Some clients focus on a long-term strategy to develop a well-balanced real estate portfolio. We strategically evaluate your risk and leverage tolerance, and gauge your desired involvement level to determine the proper balance of low-risk single tenant and higher-risk multitenant real estate holdings.