Asset and Property Management Services

As part of a fully integrated real estate services company, NAI Glickman Kovago & Jacobs Property Management provides a wide range of asset management services. These include strategic and financial planning, operations management, financial reporting, construction management, receiverships, and REO disposition.

We can build a solid management team tailored specifically for your asset configurations, both locally and globally. Our property and asset management client services include:

  • Property Inspections. Schedule regular walkthroughs based on the client’s needs, with a focus on cleanliness, maintenance items, and safety issues. Tenants are important, too, so we check in with them regularly to ensure everything is satisfactory.
  • Building Staffing. Staff buildings with permanent personnel as each situation demands.
  • Maintenance/Vendor Contracts. Review all vendor contracts and make recommendations through competitive bidding. Given the number of buildings we manage, we can leverage our strong purchasing power.
  • Preventative Repair & Maintenance Programs. Work closely with owners and vendors to establish programs that provide long-term, cost-effective solutions for current and future maintenance needs.
  • Service Order Requests. Manage and track all service order requests from tenants, landlords or other parties.
  • Security Practices. Plan and monitor all security needs for clients, from remote access systems to on-site, third-party security personnel.
  • Emergency Response Management. Address all emergencies immediately on a 24/7 basis and notify key personnel and relevant agencies to ensure safety remains a priority.