Glickman Kovago & Company is in the KNOW HOW…

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Glickman Kovago & Company is featured in this week’s edition of the Worcester Business Journal.

David V. Cohen, celebrating his 7th anniversary with the company, co-authors the “Know How” section with Maureen Ruane.

Glickman Kovago & Company sells and leases property all over Worcester County including: office – retail – industrial – commercial – investment.  In today’s market, the advantage is the tenant’s.

If you are not ready to move or buy a new location, and your lease is about to expire, reach out to a Real Estate professional.  At no cost to you many aspects of a lease can be renegotiated —  terms, rates, build out expenses, tenant allowance, etc.  A long term tenant, with a good reputation, has potential to renegotiate any or all of the previously mentioned items.

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